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Tailored Business Solutions

Sharing knowledge, experience and support in business and in life

Business Solutions

Committed to Quality

Helping businesses of all size and structure including small to large organisations. Geekgirl Biz Specialises in  assisting with end to end process and system design and technology driven solutions, support and education.

Purpose built training modules, online training sessions and pre-recorded training videos all tailored to suit your business needs.

For the Small businesses and businesses starting out we have a "Getting Started" package where we assist with all the intricacies of getting started including a "Where to from here?" package assisting businesses who have started out and are a little lost and need some fine tuning or just general assistance getting back on track.

Business Team
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Bespoke App Design and Creation

Got an App Idea or need?

Building bespoke mobile and webapps for small to medium business to help solve real world technology problems.

Using predefined modules your app can be built to spec and quickly delivered to be used as a bespoke app or to place on the market for others to purchase / download.

We also offer project management of an end to end app design including sourcing development services and delivery to completion.

Avoiding Burnout

Dedicated to You

Burnout is a real thing....

Stress is the biggest killer of creativity and this kills your problem solving skills not to mention general well being.

I have a real passion for helping people find solutions to assist with living a healthier, stress free life including products that are proven to improve the quality of life as an independent distributor of Natural, Keto Friendly Nootropic products.

I would be delighted to share some insights and information on products designed to reduce all the harmful hormones that stress and burnout brings and induce more of the Happy Hormones into your daily life.


For greater professional success and for fulfilment in all aspects of your life, and work people come to
Ready to get started?

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Can we help you?

Contact me on +61409996182

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