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Time to Tik Tok

Whether you are an avid content creator or just wanting to watch from the side-line and have a good laugh, cry or join in on some of the fun it is all there for you on Tik Tok.

Tik Tok has become a sensation and not just for teenagers and tweens wanting to get their 15 minutes of fame. It has become a world wide platform for people to share. Not unlike other platforms it involves Live Feeds, likes, comments and ability to share but what I like the most about this platform is that the wider community pretty are intolerant to trolls. The Tik Tok Community are not accepting of trolls, scammers and other debbie downers!!! Scroll on is the instructions for those who want to be that way. The community as a whole is generally uplifting, supportive and want to share a piece of themselves with the rest of the world.

The other part of this which is more content driven is that it is an easy platform to create your content and it can share easily to all the other platforms!! BINGO!!!

To date it has always been a problem with making content so easily transportable. I Love it!!

In the small Biz Club that I was part of a few years back always struggled with keeping up with the curve!! What was the new algorithm doing, what is the hottest platform at the moment and where are my people at??? All questions that we asked regularly so it is definitely a great way to stream line your content creation. Create once and share to all other platforms is what I say.

Below in this video I go over some of the basics for joining and how the general platform works. I hope this helps you get started in whatever way you intend - Feel free to follow me and come say Hi on any of my videos. I look forward to helping you in future Tips and Tricks.


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